Sunday, 11 September 2011


You might think that such a apparently sophisticated, modern society as ours would promote tolerance, understanding, free thought, the betterment of humanity and our planet.

You might think that schools would nurture the inquiring little minds of our children & encourage them to use their reasoning to the best of their abilities so that they could become everything that they were capable of but you would be disappointed.

Religion and greed go hand in hand to perpetuate the suppression of free thought and reasoning from the minute we are born and these twisted vines weave their way through our society from bottom to top.

There are those of us who know it to be true and soldier on through the melee but the spells that were cast have worked well on most people and we just watch the same old game being played over and over again.

It's clever stuff.! As soon as our little bundle's of joy come into the world the game begins. A "Bounty Bag" lands on the new mum's bed in the maternity ward. What a lovely thought! All these nice little baby products as a gift for your little child from er?

Shortly after that when you have got the little mite home you are starting to think about taking it to have a funny man dribble water on it's head to claim it as the spiritual property of The Church or whatever they do if it's going to be a Muslim.

So the two greatest threats to your child's freedom have both staked their claim and it hasn't even had a thought of it's own yet apart from "Titty!"

I say that there are two separate entities with religion and greed but really they are two different versions of the same thing. They are both about feathering their own nests at the expense of everything else. The most dangerous thing about both of them is that their effects on the well being of people and the planet don't bother them at all. Religion doesn't care because "there is a better place"and greed, in the form of corporate greed doesn't have a conscience at all. No shareholders meeting asks how we are doing with our humanity or ecology, only "how much money have we made?"

This blog post is just a moan really because we haven't had enough of them yet as a society. We still allow them to force our kids to pray to an imaginary being at school because we don't want to cause trouble despite knowing that God is long dead. We still allow the Corporations to run our lives. We sit there like idiots, watching hours of adverts on TV with programs on in the breaks between.The two converge every year at Christmas, when we partake in an orgy of consumerism and religious acceptance.

I suppose I am blogging about it just to reassure anyone else out there who has eyes to see, that you are not alone and if you really want to change things for yourself and your own, you can.

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