Sunday, 11 September 2011


The Time of dreams is the time in which we are all now living. You may be in that dream yourself but if you are not, you are walking past people who are in the dream every time you go anywhere. You may even be sitting across the room from members of your own family who are in the dream or perhaps a member of your family is awake and looking across at you knowing that it is you who is dreaming. I suppose a few of you are thinking 'Matrix' already and you aren't far wrong really because we are definitely living in a world where if we were not dreaming we would be scared to death.

My last blog post 'RELIGION AND GREED' briefly touches on a couple of points about us, the people of Middle Earth, for want of a better description. We are conditioned ever so gently from the moment we become sentient, to accept things without question, to ignore anomalies and generally do things which make no sense at all.

It's an age old method of people manipulation. All you have to do is to catch a mind before it is able to grasp reality. You sow the seeds of what you want that little mind to believe during that period and the mind is set to accept that version of realty. The formula is attributed to Francis Xavier, the co founder of the Jesuit movement, who is quoted as saying, "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man." It works a treat because any pediatrician will tell you that a child cannot perceive reality until they are around seven.

The bottom line here is that there is without doubt a Ruling Class. They have been there in their present form in Britain since 1066 and whether you believe it or not, The fact is that one fifth of all the land in England still belongs to the descendants of the people who William I gave it to. They have always been in the corridors of power and without a proper revolution they always will be.

There are a ton of euphemisms to describe how we are all farmed by these people but my own personal favorite is that they treat us like mushrooms by feeding us shit and keeping us in the dark!

The political system is hilarious. We are somehow coerced into accepting that it is democracy when it is no more than a two party dictatorship, where the head periodically changes whilst the monster remains the same. I can hardly believe that so many people are gullible enough to turn out and vote every time they hold a sham election. On the other hand, it's a fact that you can get millions of intelligent, middle class people to walk into a gas chamber without a fight if you can make them believe that it may just be a shower block.

We turn a blind eye to so much that it is no wonder the ruling classes have so little regard for us. We are putty in the hands of the retail sector because we are too thick to block out advertising. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy to avoid advertising even if you want to do so but what is astonishing to me is that most people don't care that they are being bombarded by it all the time. 

We are not surprisingly, easily duped when it comes to money. The financial sector has all but brought our country to it's knees yet we still tolerate them. Money is a scam that is used to control us with astonishing ease because it panders to the needs created by the retail sector through advertising. We don't seem to care that the currency values keep changing so long as we can have what we want. Between themselves, the financial & retail sectors, supported by the sham government have managed to keep us in slavery to them for the last thirty years or so and the dream continues.

Interestingly enough there are little markers that remain in place to regulate money so that behind the scenes there really is a standard by which a real economy can be measured. If you look back at what an ounce of .925 silver would buy in 1811, then 1911 and then again in 2011 you will have a real eye opener because in the real world, nothing has changed. What has change in money terms however is based purely upon belief. a false belief that a scabby little semi in a none descript town in Middle England is worth two hundred thousand pounds. That is just there to keep your twitching little Hobbit nose stuck to the grindstone and thus keep the ruling classes in their ivory towers. To prove that the dream is fairly universal, all you need to do is go into a shop with an ounce of silver and try to buy something. We have been so cleverly deceived into believing that a credit card and a few numbers changing on a computer are representative of our financial status. Pure fantasy!

If you are paying attention you will have noticed that gold and silver have gone ballistic over the last few weeks. The truth is that the dollar the euro & the pound have just simply had to be printed to stop the illusion from slipping and keep us in the dream. I am not trying to say that gold is still the standard because it isn't. The new standard is of course oil at the present time and oil is getting scarcer.

The dream is slowly turning into a nightmare. The dream makers are still working feverishly to keep us in it but the cracks are showing. All you have to do to come out of the dream is to ask questions. Stop accepting someone else's version of reality. Switch off the TV, connect with people, connect with nature and your environment and stop being a slave to consumerism and bystander in the decline of humanity and ultimately our planet.


You might think that such a apparently sophisticated, modern society as ours would promote tolerance, understanding, free thought, the betterment of humanity and our planet.

You might think that schools would nurture the inquiring little minds of our children & encourage them to use their reasoning to the best of their abilities so that they could become everything that they were capable of but you would be disappointed.

Religion and greed go hand in hand to perpetuate the suppression of free thought and reasoning from the minute we are born and these twisted vines weave their way through our society from bottom to top.

There are those of us who know it to be true and soldier on through the melee but the spells that were cast have worked well on most people and we just watch the same old game being played over and over again.

It's clever stuff.! As soon as our little bundle's of joy come into the world the game begins. A "Bounty Bag" lands on the new mum's bed in the maternity ward. What a lovely thought! All these nice little baby products as a gift for your little child from er?

Shortly after that when you have got the little mite home you are starting to think about taking it to have a funny man dribble water on it's head to claim it as the spiritual property of The Church or whatever they do if it's going to be a Muslim.

So the two greatest threats to your child's freedom have both staked their claim and it hasn't even had a thought of it's own yet apart from "Titty!"

I say that there are two separate entities with religion and greed but really they are two different versions of the same thing. They are both about feathering their own nests at the expense of everything else. The most dangerous thing about both of them is that their effects on the well being of people and the planet don't bother them at all. Religion doesn't care because "there is a better place"and greed, in the form of corporate greed doesn't have a conscience at all. No shareholders meeting asks how we are doing with our humanity or ecology, only "how much money have we made?"

This blog post is just a moan really because we haven't had enough of them yet as a society. We still allow them to force our kids to pray to an imaginary being at school because we don't want to cause trouble despite knowing that God is long dead. We still allow the Corporations to run our lives. We sit there like idiots, watching hours of adverts on TV with programs on in the breaks between.The two converge every year at Christmas, when we partake in an orgy of consumerism and religious acceptance.

I suppose I am blogging about it just to reassure anyone else out there who has eyes to see, that you are not alone and if you really want to change things for yourself and your own, you can.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


If there is one thing that really frustrates me about seemingly intelligent people, it is their willingness to label themselves politically. They are either Left, Right or God forbid Liberal in their political leanings.

Well I am none of the above. I am myself & try to be true to myself. I am this way because I believe that to allow one's self to be labelled is to immediately feel the need to disagree with something that a person from the other side has said & that is just plain stupid.

What I am though is a person who is deeply troubled by the state of the world & also the appalling state of Britain.

I have over the last few years been set on a course of environmentally responsible living in an attempt to do something to try & make a difference to the effect I have on the planet & also to pass on that mentality to others. If you would like to see what I mean by that then please have a look at my channel on Youtube.

Although it would be nice to just plod on & do what I do, I just can't. I feel so strongly about the world that we are leaving for our children that I simply have to blog about it to try & get whoever reads my blog thinking outside the box.

The defining moment for me has been the riots of August 2011 & the effect that it has had on people from different sections of society. It has shown up a few interesting things that may otherwise have gone unnoticed by many people.

Firstly it has shed light on the appallingly arrogant attitude of the police towards certain sections of the community, in this case Black people, which no matter how you try to dress it up was most certainly the catalyst for the explosion of anger which spread across the country.

Secondly it highlighted  for me just how incredibly swiftly the propaganda machine kicks in to sway public opinion in the direction of the government & corporatocracy's favour. All I can say about that is thank goodness for Twitter because that tide is gradually turning in favour of truth rather than state controlled fiction.

The most chilling thing that has come to light as a result of the riots is the gradually emerging truth about the lack of integrity of our government & our judiciary. It has made it abundantly clear that there is no justice. The much talked about, double standards issues regarding the failure to prosecute MP's who betrayed us all from their positions of trust by fiddling enormous amounts of money in expenses & then to go on & jail a drunk for sixteen months who stole a box of donuts & also jailing Facebook fantasists for four years who foolishly set up an events page for a riot.

Take a look at this newspaper clip to see the nauseatingly arrogant double standards of our so called leaders.

Something very sad also emerged from the ugly mess of the riots & subsequent 'looting'. It was the type of looting. Nobody was doing it through desperation for food (apart from the drunk guy), the looting was simply extreme consumerism.

I say that it's sad because it gave the government a very easy ride when it came to analysing the riots, simply calling it an outburst of criminality & allowing the government to dodge the blame for civil unrest in a country that had been simmering just under boiling point for some time.

It was a sickening example of how we have all fallen for consumerism. We have been marketed to from the cradle to the grave for more than a century. We have been owned by the corporations for the last thirty years at least.

I had been expecting some kind of civil unrest but I think that I rather naively expected it to be directed at the people who the rioters felt were responsible for their plight. I also think that the government expected something & thought that all their birthdays had come at once when it just turned out to be a largely black youth led tantrum. They have been given a golden opportunity to come down hard on these people in order to set an example of what people are likely to face as a punishment in a real rebellion.

So what am I saying here? Am I just having a moan or is there something that we can do to change things? I believe that we can change things but that change begins with us.